The student years are some of the most significant and formative of our lives. It’s a time with lots of change, lots of challenge, lots of opportunity and lots of excitement. It’s the best time to ask questions, and the best time to explore all. about. you. And for those reasons – St Mary’s Students would love to support you through yours.
We are interested in your gifts and passions. We want to hear about and support your dreams. We want to follow the spirit, always being open to the unpredictable and we want to support one another in our relationship with God.
The student group is a place where everyone is accepted and a place defined and developed by the students in it. We aim to be a group who are true to ourselves and true to each other. We won’t always get it right, but what family does?

Student Gatherings

Spring Term

Tuesday nights, 28th January - 31st March
6.30 – 9PM
dinner | worship | talk | small groups | pub

Sunday Services

Alongside our student nights, our 6.30pm Sunday service is young, informal and charismatic.  After the service we serve  hot food and homemade dessert (GF, Vegan friendly) and  we  have our own craft beer and it's for new visitors. We also put on  events to bring your mates to. Why not check us out and see if we are the right fit for you?