How to read the Bible

This devotional is written by Matt Coombs. Matt is one of the leaders of St Mary's and is married to Pip.
Every so often I like to make space in the Every Day with Matt planner to help people with reading the Bible in different ways. For this one, you'll need a Bible you don't mind scribbling in, or an iPad with Apple Pen or a print out of a Bible and a pen.

This approach is to help you make connections with what the passage is saying to you, and therefore, how God might be speaking to you on any given day.

Read a passage or a number of passages through once to get an idea of what it is being said. Then read them again slowly paying attention to the following.


Circle repeated phrases Underline promises Draw a box around commands Mark every reference to God with a triangle

Reflection What stands out to me? What challenges me?

Prayer What prayer requests can I make based on what I have read? What can I praise God for in this passage? How can I see Jesus in this passage? What one thing can I apply from this today? How can I pray this passage back to God?

Try this with any passages you like. Here are some you could try today:

Psalm 139
Philippians 2
Matthew 6

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