About Us

As a church located in one of most culturally diverse cities in the world, we aim to be a home for people from all different cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds. A home where everyone feels welcome and able to worship together in ways that reflect the full diversity of the kingdom of God. We think heaven will look something like this and we’re keen to get in on the action.
We’re not there yet, but we are on a journey together to get to that place. We will make mistakes, we will get it wrong at times, but our intent is to be a community where every member can fully play, fully belong, fully express their God-given gifts.
Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, only when we come as we are, uniquely shaped by our life and cultures and then worship together can we reflect the full image of God.

The Jigsaw Team

Bola Adamolekun | Lydia Amarquaye | Matt Coombs | David Gyasi | Skye He 
Jermaine Jarret | Aileen Mkandawire- Mogues | Basil Mussad | Levi Santana
The Jigsaw team is made up of members of our church from diverse cultures, and is here to support the leaders and congregation in every area of church life to fully embrace, reflect and express interculturalism. Jigsaw will also be introducing courses that explore what it takes to be truly intercultural as a church

Jigsaw Conversations

We want to hear from you!
While we are all excited by what the Spirit is doing we are also aware that change can be hard and sometimes uncomfortable. We want to do this journey as a whole church. To facilitate this, we will be holding regular Jigsaw Conversations in person or online about topics and questions related to interculturalism. All conversations will be informed by topics that members of the church want to discuss. Write your message in the box if you want to ask anything, or raise any topic about interculturalism and race relations at St. Mary’s (this is completely anonymous). The team will address it at the termly Jigsaw Conversations.