Prayer for the City

Mental Health

This devotional is written Jessie Zahr-Iddin. Jessie is married to Alex and is a mental health nurse.
Father God,

Please be with those in our city who are suffering with serious mental illnesses. Lord help us to break the stigma and to see everyone how you see them. Show us people, not illness. Jesus, reveal yourself in light and love to those who live in fear.

We pray for those who work in mental health care. Give them courage and energy to do their everydays. Fill them with compassion and empathy for challenging patients. Let those who know you draw upon your love and strength, and let those who have yet to know you have powerful encounters with your spirit and be filled with the transforming knowledge that they are wholly loved by you.

We pray for the NHS and mental health NHS trusts in London. Lord, provide where provision is deeply needed. May there be funding for more nurses, better access to psychology, and especially, Lord, we pray for the establishing of high quality care and treatment for personality disorders, which is so lacking, and would transform our services.

And finally, we ask that those close to us who are struggling in their minds to be given courage to reach out, for our community at St Mary's to gather around those whom we love and to be a community who never lets people slip through our net. We ask you that we would know by your spirit who is suffering even when they can't express that to us and we would support them as a community.

All this we ask in Jesus name,


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