Prayer for the City


This devotional is written by Pip Coombs. Pip is married to Matt and they have a son called Caleb.
I'm a midwife with the NHS and I see the highs and lows of healthcare first-hand. I feel like I could go on a rant about the NHS because I feel so passionately about it! But equally, I admit, I rarely pray for it so I feel grateful to have the opportunity now.

I'm sure you've all seen in the news the challenges faced by the NHS. Financial trouble, too many patients, too few staff. Let's be honest, the NHS is a highly polarised and political point of tension. Can I encourage us all to set that aside for today and pray for the nurses, midwives, doctors and other NHS staff who go above and beyond to serve some of the most needy people in our city.


We thank you for the NHS and all those who work for it to serve others. Thank you for the security it provides for so many, that each and every person regardless of income, age and ethnicity is able to receive good healthcare when in need.

Jesus, we pray for the future of our NHS, for the people at the top who have difficult decisions to make, we pray for wisdom and the guidance of your Holy Spirit.

When the workload is heavy we pray for the staff who are tired. We pray for all they are doing, and all the emotional, mental and financial pressures that they are under. Help us to show kindness, encouragement and generosity to those called into the healthcare profession. Jesus, would you be with them and give them strength and comfort.

Finally, we pray that the vulnerable are protected and supported and that they would know your great love for them.


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