Prayer for the City


This devotional is written by Charlotte Anderson. Charlotte is married to Josh and is the venue manager here at St Mary's.
I wonder what the one truth you wish you had known as a child is?

For me it is quite simple: I wish I had known I was unconditionally loved by Jesus.

Watching the kids at church run around the building, sit on the stage like they own it is such an amazing thing; it is one of the many things I love about St Mary's morning service. I love that our kids are right at the core, something we could not do without our amazing kids team who sacrifice their time to show these kids how important they are and how to grow in relationship with Jesus. So, as you are praying for our wonderful kids to grow in relationship with Jesus, please pray that God would be blessing our incredible team too.

My next question for you is does our community know we love them?

For some people this is a resounding yes. Kirstine and others are continually doing amazing things with the families in our community; please pray that God continues to bless this. There are still people around our church who do not know the God who unconditionally loves them though. Pray that God would break through into their lives, heal brokenness and bring the lonely into his family. Pray for strategy for us as a church to reach them. That we would be known for our deep love that reveals a God who loves them far more than we can imagine.

 Invite the Spirit. Pray that each and every person in our church, adult and child alike, would encounter the unconditional, unreserved and unlimited love of Jesus and that as we encounter this love we would grow in relationship with Jesus and be transformed to love others with that same unconditional, unreserved and unlimited love.

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