Prayer for the City


This devotional is written by Matt Coombs. Matt is one of the leaders at St Mary's and is married to Pip and they have a new son called Caleb.


For the next few weeks each day we will be praying for our city, London. London is an incredible place to live. I love its diversity, the opportunities available, its culture and creativity. But there is a shadow side to this city too, that I'm sure we are all too aware of. So, each day a different person will help us to pray for a number of different communities, industries, and issues, from; loneliness and poverty, to the creative and corporate industries.

Today, as we begin this foray into praying for the city, I thought it would be good to begin with gratitude and thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving and gratitude move us into a position of humility. As we give thanks to God we are reminded of his provision, our creaturely and temporal nature. As we do this regularly we begin to see each day as a gift. We begin to focus not on our lack but our provision. Max Lucado says: "Gratitude always leaves us looking at God and away from dread. It does to anxiety what the morning sun does to valley mist. It burns it up."

There is plenty to give thanks for in this city.

Here are some of mine.

Churches that are growing where people meet Jesus.
Going to gigs, films, stand-up comedy & theatre
Beautiful parks.
Green spaces.
The lovely Portuguese cafe on my road that sells custard tarts.
Living near my friends.
Swimming in the Lido.
The roof above my head.
Pedal-lows in Regents Park.
Free museums.
The tube!
Being connected to the whole world.

I'm sure you could add to my list with the things or people that make you thankful about living in this city.

Take a moment to thank God for this city and the people who live in it. Throughout the day try to look at things with fresh eyes, ready to grow gratitude for them.

"Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name." -Psalm 100:4

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