Third Person is a day conference focused on restating the centrality of ministry in the power of the Spirit. It is an opportunity to restate a model of ministry that helps people encounter God.


We have been privileged to have speakers such as Robby Dawkins and Alan Scott at previous Third Person conferences. The days are hosted by John and Jenny Peters (St Mary’s) and Paul and Becky Harcourt (All Saints Woodford Wells) and worship is led by Chris Jones.


What people have said about Third Person:
‘The worship led us into His presence, the teaching was excellent and the times of receiving and praying for others had a real positive impact on me.’

‘(We) went away with some amazing physical healings, renewed faith in the power of God and excitement about the adventure that is prayer.’

‘Third Person was brilliant and that I was really inspired by all I saw, heard and experienced on the day.’