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New to St Mary’s

'Life is Precious. Faith should be the spark of life. It's about connecting with God not being religious. We know we're not for everyone. At St Mary's we'd rather go for it than play it safe. It's not always pretty, we don't always get it right. Life is an adventure.'

Our Values:


Religion Free

Church should help us connect with God and each other. We shouldn’t be constrained or hindered by religion. We try to do church in a way that is accessible to everyone, whatever your experience of church and whatever you believe.



We’d rather go for it all then play it safe by being open to what God is doing. We also want to give away what we’ve received, to our local community, other churches and beyond!



The church is made up of people and people don’t always get it right. Everyone is welcome at St Mary’s just as they are.



It’s not always pretty but we always want to be a place where we can open ourselves to God and let him do what he wants to do.



We’re not a club – there’s no dress code and we’re not exclusive. We know we’re not for everyone but we’d love you to come and see if we’re right for you.