The Life Course


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The Life Course is an eight week course about meaning: What meaning do we give our lives? Is there an ultimate meaning to life? And if there is, can we know it and can we experience it? That sort of thing.


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Who is it for?

The course is for anyone, irrespective of belief or lack thereof. It’s non-judgemental. It’s not about forcing you into some set of beliefs. And we don’t want your money. The majority of people are not regular church goers.


What’s the format?

The course runs for 8 weeks, and around 80 people attend. Each evening starts with a really good meal followed by a brief presentation on one aspect of the theme of meaning. This is followed by coffee and discussion groups. Food is served from 7pm and we finish by 9.15pm.


Where is it?

St Mary’s Church. Click here for our location on Google maps.


When is it?

Every Wednesday evening for 8 weeks. The next course begins on 17th May.

There is also a Saturday session on Saturday 24th June.