Circle of Security

Research shows that children are far happier, more social and have higher self esteem if they have a secure attachment with their parents.

Circle of Security© is a highly regarded and well established parenting model that helps parents better understand how to create a secure attachment with their children.


As parents, we are the centre of our young child’s world. How we respond to them has an enduring impact. When they are little we can spend so much time trying to meet our children’s physical needs that we don’t have space to think about what they need from us emotionally. Circle of Security Parenting Groups are designed to give parents ‘a map’ for understanding and responding to their children’s emotional needs. Research shows that parents who are able do this in a loving and consistent way give their children an amazing start in life.

The groups run for seven weeks and usually have about twelve people per group.

Here’s what some parents have said about the groups:
“Circle of Security was an absolute eye opener. You have to see it for yourself and then you’ll understand.”

“Circle of security was such a huge help to us and our son. It really encouraged my husband and I to understand our son a bit better (particularly during the stressful terrible two stage)! It was such a positive thing to do and we are so glad to have participated! Highly recommended. Much better alternative to Supernanny any day!”


The course consists of 8 sessions and runs on Friday mornings from 10.15am. Our next course begins on the 29th April 2016. There is a suggested donation of £50 per participant.


If you’d like to find out more or sign up for the next course please email Jenny.